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The Ghost Town content update and Deadly Frost Skin Pack are now on Steam!

Published December 21, 2021


The latest free content update, Ghost Town, is now available on Steam. Have you heard of the Pripyat Residential Area before? It was a symbolic place. One of the nuclear cities of the “peaceful atom” era. Unfortunately, the industry that gave Pripyat its purpose ultimately was responsible for its demise.

In Ghost Town, you’ll be able to visit a 3D-scanned recreation of the neighborhood, now nothing more than a graveyard of dreams. In addition to the lurking threat of hidden supernatural creatures, the abandoned city is the only place in Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone with a huge amount of chernobylite structures. Here you’ll find the largest chernobylite crystals in the Zone. 

What horrors will you find in Pripyat? Make your way through the thicket of chernobylite and search the floors of buildings one by one. 

Watch the trailer:

Something else that’s new to Chernobylite is the Deadly Frost Skin Pack. The pack includes a new set of weapon skins that will leave your enemies frozen with fear when they see you approaching, until the icy bite of winter dispatches them to a cold grave.

Get the Deadly Frost Skin Pack on Steam.

In addition, the game’s OST from award-winning composer Mikolai Stroiński is now available on Steam. With the haunting melody of the Zone following you wherever you go, will you ever truly be able to leave? 

Get the soundtrack on Steam.

All additional content is free for Early Access users.

If you haven’t played Chernobylite yet, check out the newly available demo on Steam. The demo includes the game’s intro as well as two whole in-game days to go through.

And be sure you don’t miss the 25% off discount on Steam or (until January 5) and on the Epic Games Store (until January 6) if you haven’t explored the Zone yet!

Will you discover the horrors of the new area armed in new weapon skins? Join our Discord and share your thoughts.

Below you will find the complete changelog for this Christmas patch:


  • New level: Pripyat Residential Area. This new level is full of new events and resources to collect. Players will be able to explore the 3D scanned recreation of Pripyat’s neighborhoods and visit new iconic locations such as the Azure Swimming Pool.
  • 3 new side missions: Supply drops. Explore the new level and find lost NAR resource dumps there.
  • 3 new side: Monster hunts. Do you enjoy hunting monsters? So chase them on the newly added level and restock your Chernobylite supplies while you’re at it.


  • The lighting in some parts of Pripyat Port was too aggressive, we’ve optimized it.
  • The same applies to Power Plant, hope you’ll notice the difference!


  • We have fixed markers in the previous free DLC, Monster Hunt. Monsters are now easier to find.
  • Kozlow’s quest: it was possible to poison and stab Kozlow at the same time. Hope you didn’t get too attached to this overabundance because it’s fixed and no longer available. Choose one!
  • Speaking of overabundance: it was previously possible to obtain an infinite amount of resources by using the recycling machine. But it can’t be that easy so we’ve fixed it!
  • Cameras related to weapons and upgrades have been tweaked.
  • Previous weapon skin packs have been improved and beautified.
  • We’ve fixed reported crashes on Heist.
  • One particular Shadow was constantly getting blocked while walking through the door to the Power Plant – we took care of the poor bastard.
  • Dialogue blocker next to Power Plant: it was very rare but we decided to fix it as well.
  • We’ve taken care of levitating objects and landscape distortions.
  • We’ve fixed the encountered misspells.
  • We’ve added some missing lines in translations from English
  • We’ve fixed some bugs related to icons in tutorials

+ A whole bunch of smaller bugs you’ve reported to us, too many to list them all. Thanks! And enjoy your Winter Holidays with Chernobylite game. See you next year, with many more free content updates to come!