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Weekly Report #127 – Survive in Chernobylite, part 1

Chernobylite is a story about a search for lost love, a fight against unknown outliers out of this world and a mysterious organization that wants to use the knowledge gained in Chernobyl for its own interests. However, it is not enough just to move forward blindly firing your gun - everything needs to be carefully planned, and this can take days or even weeks. Thus, a seemingly simple (?) task becomes an attempt to survive in a completely unknown environment.


Weekly Report #124 – World of Chernobylite, part 1

Frequently we’re getting a lot of questions from you about the world of Chernobylite itself. For example, why did we decide to divide our game into several smaller areas rather than designing a fully open world. To fully understand our decision, you need to go back to the very beginning. In the next reports, we will be presenting the origins of the idea for dividing the Zone and how we translated this idea into something interesting to the players.


Weekly Report #123 – The Chernobylite Storm

The Chernobylite Storm occurs when a player remains at a given level long enough. In an instant, the sky darkens, lightning starts striking the ground, creating flames in these places. The Chernobylite storm is not only an unusual atmospheric phenomenon, but above all a warning - here comes the Black Stalker, in all his glory. He moves from place to place, wielding a powerful weapon that can cause considerable damage. He has one goal: to get rid of the player.