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Weekly Report #151 – Your base, your home

The base in Chernobylite is a special place. You can rest there after a hard mission, talk to your companions, and replenish your equipment. And most importantly, you can decorate it as you like. From your screenshots, we can see that you don't just place beds, crafting tables and plants inside. The furniture layouts in your bases go from extreme to extreme: from well-crafted apartments to massive mushroom farms. It's obvious that you enjoy it.


Weekly Report #145 – Gate of Madness

The launch of Season 3 (the next pack of cool stuff we're going to give you as part of the free DLC) is almost upon us. That is why we decided that it is time to shed some light on what we have prepared for you. We'll start with something that made our team scream profanities and smash keyboards on the wall. Not because we're uncultured or something like that. It's all to do with the new difficulty level. Because with something like Gate of Madness, the Insane level sounds like a walk in the park on a summer morning.