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Weekly Report #112 – Sounds of Chernobylite, part three

Without further ado, we invite you to read the third and final episode of the series, in which we share with you the backstage of creating the music in Chernobylite. We would like to thank Mikołaj Stroiński for his contribution to our entries so far. At the same time, we would like to welcome Krzysztof Chalusiak, our friend, sound designer and composer, who will talk about the process of creating songs for some famous missions in the game.


Weekly Report #110 – Sounds of Chernobylite, part two

You enjoyed the material and this makes us very happy. Today, as promised, we present to you the second installment of the series. This time we looked at exploratory melodies, characteristic of the locations visited by Chernobylite’s protagonist - Igor. Again, we give the floor to composer Mikołaj Stroiński, but also to Sound Designer Krzysztof Chalusiak from our studio, who contributed significantly to the creation of the soundtrack.