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Fix for Chernobylite Console Bugs Planned for Late October!

Published October 11, 2021


It’s been great to see so many of you in the Zone since the console release of Chernobylite! We appreciate the feedback we’ve gotten from you as it’s been very helpful in improving the game. Please continue to share any problems you experience by using the console-specific bug report form.

We apologize for the issues that some of you have been experiencing on consoles regarding corrupted saves, stick drift, and the lack of an ‘off’ option for Motion Blur. We understand your frustration—you have enough to worry about with the Black Stalker constantly tailing you—game bugs simply push a Stalker’s Psyche over the limit! 

We’re extremely grateful for your patience as we work to get these issues resolved. An update with solutions for these problems and some other minor fixes is planned for late October. See the full changelog below for more details. We’ll be keeping you updated on the situation, so be sure to stay tuned and feel free to reach out to us about anything on our Discord, Facebook, or Twitter.

See you in the Zone!

Planned Late October Update Changelog:


  •  Fix for crashes and corrupted saves
  • Fix for controller stick drifting
  • Fix for audio reverting to Russian after relaunching game
  • Fix for issues with loading textures
  • Fix for autosaving FPS drops
  • Fix for rare issue with disappearing terrain
  •  Balance changes
  •  Other minor bug fixes


  • New option to toggle Motion Blur
  • Photo mode to be added