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A New DLC and a Free Content Update Now Available for Chernobylite!

Published October 27, 2021


Chernobylite has just got a new DLC and free content update today and the stakes have never been more radioactive. Will you survive these new fears? The new content is now available on Steam and will come to consoles in the future. 

Get it on Steam.

Monster Hunt—free content update:

Put all the skills you’ve learned so far to the test as you hunt down three new monsters, the toughest you’ll encounter in Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone—or be hunted yourself.

Each monster has its own unique abilities so arm yourself with a solid plan if you want to survive. 

New DLC—Autumn Dread Pack:

Autumn Dread Pack will make your weaponry unique in a sinister way, featuring skins for all weapon types in the game. Send a radioactive smile at your enemies as they fall under a hail of bullets.

You can also get the base game 20% off on Steam and before November 1. All Early Access users can claim Autumn Dread Pack for free.

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