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Weekly Report #106 – The Two Towers

In our reports, we often refer to what we are preparing for you in the near future. This way we revealed the content of Ghost Town step by step a few weeks before the release of this update - little things that didn't say much, but were quite enough to satisfy your appetites. Today we would like to look a little further - a few months ahead, to talk about something really big. Literally and figuratively. Here are the unfinished cooling towers of units 5 and 6 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant!


Weekly Report #102 – Mikhail’s great mission

Another fantastic addition to the Chernobylite world in the form of a DLC will soon appear in our game. The pictures that we showed you in the previous report prove that we’re not exaggerating - this is going to be a big deal. We actually planned to surprise you by showing the contents of the new DLC before we officially release it into the world. That’s why we sent our correspondent to take some photos of the new location for our report. However, we made one miscalculation...