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A Patch for Consoles Will Become Available Today!

Published October 29, 2021


A patch for Xbox and PlayStation which resolves the issue with corrupted saves as well as other bugs will become available today, making Chernobylite better than ever. See the full changelog below.

We’d like to give a big thank you to all our console players for bearing with us as we worked on developing this patch and for taking the time to submit bug reports that helped us to resolve the issues you were experiencing. We’re sorry about the frustration you had to go through up until now and hope that you’ll be able to fully enjoy playing Chernobylite from now on.

See the full changelog:


  • Fixed issues with corrupted saves 
  • Fixed multiple causes of crashes 
  • Fixed controller drifting 
  • Fixed audio reverting to Russian after relaunching game 
  • Fixed issues with slow loading textures
  • Removed FPS drops during autosaving 
  • Added the option to toggle motion blur 
  • Added photo mode 
  • Balance changes 
  • Fixed a rare issue with disappearing terrain 
  • Other small bug fixes